DIY Air Plant Decorations

I’ve been seeing air plants everywhere, and I love them. Last summer I went to a cute little garden store in Santa Rosa, CA. They had a great selection of air plants. Some were in nice displays for a pretty penny, others were individual, still a pretty penny, but not as much. Since I have this problem of having to DIY everything, I bought a few solo plants. No way I was spending money for a piece of wood I could walk outside and find for free. Well, a few months went by and I never found my cool piece of wood, I did find a beautiful piece of quartz on our property. It reminds me a a tiny, beautiful mountain, its perfect for an air plant. I set it aside, and planned to work on it later, then my second son came along, and I didn’t give those plants another thought. Of course, they died.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago. I was playing in the creek with my boys when David found the prettiest piece of wood. It was a circle, with a tiny bit of moss, just begging me to put an air plant in it and hang it up.

A quick search on Etsy showed me plenty of inexpensive option for air plants. I purchased a set of five air plants with a little spray bottle of fertilizer from HousePlantShop. A few days to wait for shipping, and I’m ready to plant, I mean glue the air plants!

Thats right, I said glue. Weird, but true. Air plants are just that, plants that live in air, not dirt. In their natural habitat, air plants live in trees in Central and South America. They are still plants though, and they do need water. They prefer plenty of indirect light. How much you should water depends on your plants, and the environment (like how humid the area). Most air plants should be fine with weekly watering. You can either soak the entire plant for 5 minutes (some sites say up to an hour) or mist the plants until they are wet, but not dripping.

Here are the supplies you will need to make something like my project.

Air plant(s)
Wood, rock, or other object to decorate
Waterproof glue (I used GS hypo cement)
Hanging material and scissors (I used fishing line because I wanted it clear)
Hook for hanging

Once you have all of your items, simply mock it up in your hands. Try out placements for your plants, and when you love it, glue it! Once the glue dries, and you attach the hanging material you are done, just display, and enjoy. I hung the wooden circle above my kitchen sink, and placed the quartz mini mountain on my bakers rack turned shoe rack in another DIY project. Oh, and don’t forget to water!

I’d love to see your DIY Air Plant creations! Join me on Facebook.

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