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Plume & Petal: A Spa-Inspired Spirit for the Modern Day Woman

You know the moments: a much-needed mid-week meetup with friends; a summer gathering sandwiched between errands or a self-care Sunday with a delightful party of one. You don’t like to be empty handed, but you’re mindful of what you’re drinking.

Introducing Plume & Petal, a premium, low-proof vodka infused with natural flavors and no artificial sweeteners. Designed for women by women, these spa-inspired elixirs were perfected over time with a few things in mind: effortlessness, ease, and mixability. (We’re referring to ingredients and friends.)

Each bottle is crafted with a delicate infusion of fruit, a botanical and tea with a hint of honey. With half the alcohol of a standard (40% ABV) vodka and 30% fewer calories than a glass of white wine*, it’s the perfect way to treat yourself without overindulging. Go ahead. Pour yourself one.

Choose from three flavors – Cucumber Splash, Peach Wave or Lemon Drift – and top it with soda for an anytime serve that’s both simple and spectacular. It can also be enjoyed on the rocks or mixed into a variety of punch or cocktail recipes. Search through our favorites on our recipe page, or use them as inspiration to create your own.

Plume & Petal is a lush “spa experience” in a glass for one of today’s modern luxuries: a chance to pause and enjoy the present. Now that’s what we call balance.

Plume & Petal (per 1.5 fl. oz. – Average Analysis: Calories 83; Carbs 8.2g; Protein 0g; Fat 0g)
*White Table Wine (per 5 fl. oz., USDA ARS, National Nutrient Database May 2016: Calories 121; Carbs 3.82g; Protein 0.1g; Fat 0g)