Cucumber Splash

Dive into Cucumber Splash, made with natural and refreshing cucumber, lemongrass, and chamomile tea flavors that open up like a crisp, cool breeze.

20% alcohol by volume
No artificial sweeteners
Only 83 calories

Plume & Petal (per 1.5 fl. oz. – Average Analysis: Calories 83; Carbs 8.2g; Protein 0g; Fat 0g)

For time savored, not spent, Plume & Petal is a premium, gluten-free vodka infused with delicate, natural fruit, botanical and tea with just a hint of honey. Perfect poolside, at brunch, or for evenings with friends, enjoy Plume & Petal as a refreshing spritz with club soda, an easy punch, or even easier, on ice.

Tasting Notes

Crisp, Bright, Garden-like

Easy summer days come alive with aromas and delicate​ flavor of cucumber, lemongrass and chamomile tea. The liquid is grounded with a delicate mouthfeel of honey, letting the natural, cool taste of fresh cucumber shine through.

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