At 4.5% ABV, these premium cocktails are made with vodka infused with natural and refreshing fruit flavors, botanicals, tea flavors, sparkling water and just a hint of honey

Plume & Petal Ready to Drink (per 12 fl. Oz- Average Analysis: Calories 100; Carbs 3.1G; Protein 0g, Fat 0g)

Easy summer days come alive with aromas and delicate​ flavor of cucumber, lemongrass and chamomile tea. The liquid is grounded with a splash of sparkling water and a delicate mouthfeel of honey, letting the natural, cool taste of fresh cucumber shine through.

Tasting Notes


The kind of aromas that let your troubles float away, enjoy Lemon Drift with the taste of natural lemon, sweet elderflower and white tea rounded out by a splash of sparkling water and a delightful mouthfeel of honey.

Tasting Notes


Like popping open an orchard, settle into the delicate aromas ​and flavors of succulent white peaches and lavender emboldened by a subtle dose of black tea. It’s all rounded out with a splash of sparkling water and a rich mouthfeel of honey.

Tasting Notes



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